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It Is a Great Day for Reading

Wow! Rain, snow, learning from the Ravens and from author Michelle Nelson-Schmidt about following your dreams and making dreams come true… So much excitement, but also a chill in the air make it a great day for reading! Of course, I think every day has potential to be a great day for reading.

Remember, reading does not have to be expensive or an event in itself. Try to make reading fun for everyone. One of my favorite fun ways to read, I admit it, is checking in on my friends and family through Facebook. When they think of me or post something that they know I would like, it makes me fell great! Shouldn’t reading be about feeling great?

Whether you read a cookbook, an online post, or a juicy novel, you are setting the example that reading is important, and that it remains important for your whole life. If the kids are reading a recipe or a book to you, or helping you cook something delicious, it then has a new importance for them, too.

Okay, So on to more Free reading resources.

Have you tried yet? It is free books to share online and, a book is donated to someone who needs access to books for each book you read. And the books are great! You will see favorite authors and publshers letting you read for free.

There are also great free reading apps, books… for iPads and other mobile devices. Lately, I have been stocking up on free Scholastic books - Storia gives you 5 for trying their app, plus they have been giving a free one away during January and February.

Of course I have the inside scoop on free, cheap and worth the money books from Usborne and all around the local area. :) Most of your friends also have great insight on books and apps, so ask them for great app and book suggestions to get your kids reading. But why not try the books at the library first (or an app on a friend’s device), and buy the ones that you love each time.

Also, many of the toys that your children play with have apps, websites, and coloring pages available for free. The toy at home, some of the books or movies about the toy from the library, and a coloring page online (or an opportunity to play games at their website) provides a lot of opportunities on a day that you are inside anyway.

Again, that is what this Bmorereader has been doing lately. Hope you enjoyed the post, happy reading, and ask me if you have any questions! My phone number is on my book consultant web site. :)