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Can't Wait to Read Outside

Hello again everyone!

Today begins a fun book weekend, with a show and a meet the Easter Bunny event tomorrow. My whole family is excited for both, and I am too. I am also excited to keep reading outside. Oregon Ridge is great for that, and so are backyards and front yards.

My next Oregon Ridge Nature Center date is April 6 from 11-1. There will be playing at the outdoor playground, picnicing, and crafts. It is something else that we Williams are excited about.

April is also exciting because of Perry Hall Middle school’s play, How To Eat Like a Child. The play will run on Friday night, April 12 at 7pm and Saturday, April 13 at 2pm. My family has been enjoying these plays for years! With this one being a musical comedy, we are double excited!

Before that, we will be getting green snowballs this weekend. It is an annual tradition, so we will be toasting the leprechauns tomorrow and walking the green trail in search of a pot of gold or for a leprechaun. Friends of ours have also taught us to make a leprechaun trap with a box and things for the leprechaun left under the box. You may not catch any leprechauns, though because they are sneaky. Liz says leprechauns only come at night, so you have to be quiet and hope he at least leaves some coins.

The end of winter/early spring are so good for my family, and I hope they are great for yours, too.

Lately we have been reading up on gems and minerals, which is a really fun way to explore nature indoors or out. You can get books from your library, and some places have kits with books and sample minerals.

Activity of the post: Make your own dot to dots. Come up with a simple shape or use a stencil and draw some dot to dot animals/things, whatever you desire. It is a great way to reinforce numbers and pen to paper skills. We have been doing a lot of dot to dots lately and with Spring Break around the corner, you may want go to activities that can be done indoors or outside.

Until next post, and contact me at if you want any details about the events I posted about.

Trish and Elizabeth